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The health and detox lifestyle is a journey that takes time and includes many factors. IV infusion therapy is one of the many tools one can use to achieve their health and detox goals. IV infusion therapy by recommendation of certified nutritionist and health coach, Alma Serna. Please refer to our drip menu below for a list of our drips.

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Regular Prices:

  • Energize (pre-workout) - $150
  • Athlete (Recovery) $250
  • Brainstorm (enhance memory) - $175
  • Immunity Boost - $185
  • Alcohol Detox (hangover) - $195
  • Quench - $195
  • Skin Glow - $200
  • Alleviate (Magnesium) - $225
  • Myer's - $235
  • Glutathione - Only Drip - $135
  • NAD Drip - $295


Enhance, Cleanse, and Jump Start Your Detox Journey.

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(last IV at 5pm walk-ins for vitamin shots welcome until 6pm)


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