IM Shots (intramuscular)

Vitamin B Shot

Methylcobalamin, also known as Vitamin B12, is an important vitamin needed for the brain, nerves, and production of red blood cells in the body. It is used to treat not only vitamin B12 deficiency, but also other conditions, such as pernicious anemia and diabetes.

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  • Increase your Energy levels and Concentration
  • Improves Concentration
  • Jump start your Metabolism
  • Can help with Weight Loss
  • Boosts your Immune System
  • Improve Sleep Patterns
  • Possibly stop certain types of hair loss

Vitamin D Shot

Vitamin D is something we all need and something most people are deficient in. Those living in the northern part of the hemisphere tend to need more vitamin D than those who are exposed to the sun more often. Read More

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People low in vitamin D may experience these symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Bone pain
  • Muscle weakness, muscle aches, or muscle cramps
  • Mood changes, like depression

Glutathione IM

Glutathione IM is recommended at no more than twice a week per client. Deltoid insertion. 1mL for IM. After 3 consecutive months of receiving glutathione either IM or IV clients must take a break due to the body storing this element in the muscles and/or blood. In order to increase the magical efficacy of glutathione we must abide by this protocol.

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  • Increase Energy
  • Boost Immunity
  • Detoxification
  • Attacks free Radicals
  • Relieves Pressure of the Liver
  • Detoxifies and Supports liver function
  • Potent Antioxidant (especially when given intravenously)
  • Skin’s quality and texture improved
  • Clearer more radiant skin


Taurine IM

Taurine helps support nerve growth. It might also benefit people with heart failure by lowering blood pressure and calming the nervous system. This might help prevent heart failure from becoming worse. People with congestive heart failure (CHF) and swelling of the liver (hepatitis) should consider taking taurine regularly. Taurine might also help heal the damage from periodontal disease. Studies strongly suggest that taurine, even when taken short-term; may support better physical function, mitigate the cardiovascular risks that can be present after exercising, and improve issues associated with heart failure.

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  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Support nerve growth
  • Heal damage due to periodontal disease

Lysine IM

Lysine is an amino acid that can be used in the treatment of cold sores due to herpes simplex. Some research shows it may be effective for osteoporosis, diabetes, stress, and for athletic performance improvement. Once per week per client 1mL in deltoid.

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  • Reduce cold sore break-outs
  • Boost immunity
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Improve skin texture

Amino Acid IM

This amino blend could help boost your metabolism, improve energy levels, increase endurance and help to burn fat. It also provides your body essential and nonessential amino acids it requires to stay healthy. (1mL once per week per client in deltoid)

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  • Improve energy levels
  • Increase athletic endurance
  • Boost metabolism
  • Help the body burn fat

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Hydrate Bar's nutrient infusions are used to deliver vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, offering superior absorption over oral supplements. We offer several pre-formulated customized solutions to address a variety of issues.

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