Commit to ONE IV or More a Month and Pay:


Regular Prices:

  • Energize (pre-workout) - $150
  • Athlete (Recovery) $250
  • Brainstorm (enhance memory) - $175
  • Immunity Boost - $185
  • Reboot (hangover) - $195
  • Quench - $195
  • Skin Glow (inner beauty) - $200
  • Alleviate (headache and PMS) - $225
  • Myer's - $235


Love IVs? Start saving on your drips and choosing the VIP package that speaks to you.

What's Good?
You are! And so are our drips! We service anyone with a need to feel better, faster. All of our drips go well with the glutathione add-on. Ask us about adding that to any of our IVs for a VIP discount of $27.

We are so glad you found us. Can't wait to meet in real life. Book a drip today and start feeling better, faster. We do same-day service (must be at least 2 hours before desired time). Relax in one of our heated massage chairs while your body experiences an ultimate detox and cleanse from the inside-out. You'll feel better in 30-60 minutes and the benefits will last for several days to follow.


IV Infusion is the FASTEST Way to Recover from Whatever

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