"I have never slept so great in my life! I cannot wait to bring my dad in. He struggles with insomnia and I think getting an IV regularly would really help him." - Cariann S.

"I workout all the time and I stand all day at work so I am sore a lot! I have gotten an athlete drip three times now because I can't believe how good I sleep, how much better my workouts are and how I feel so energized for days after my infusion. My boyfriend works out all the time too and I can't wait for him to try this IV." - Ariel P.

"I am a professional bow hunter and I run about 25 miles a day. That means taking my recovery and performance seriously. I started getting IV's with Hydrate Bar about a year ago and I won't ever stop. The athlete's drip is my jam and I have been getting one once a week. I love it and highly recommend them." - Cam H.

"I got my first IV with Hydrate Bar and I loved it. It was fast and painless. I slept like a rock and then had some of the best workouts ever." - Josh R.

"I am a trainer at StarCycle and head dancer at Eugene Dance Co. so I am constantly on the go. Whether I'm teaching, dancing, or playing my pugs I am often tired. I had never had an IV before Hydrate Bar came into my life and I absolutely loved it. I felt amazing! I'm addicted! It's totally worth it." - Nate B.

"I got an IV for the first time with Hydrate and LOVED it. I am a professional body builder so staying hydrated, recovered, energized, and dialed in is HUGE for me. Even during off-season I have to be on top of my nutrition and workouts. Hydrate helps me keep going. I'll be back!" - Ashley B.

"As a trainer I gotta practice what I preach! I am all about recovery and this is cutting edge level. When it comes to working out I push myself and my clients. Most people don't make time for recovery. Make time for this. It's amazing how good I feel after an IV. I have been getting them for several months now and I don't plan on stopping." - Eric M.

“I have suffered from very intense PMS symptoms for a long time- mood swings, bloating, cramping, night sweats, headaches, and other unmentionables, which led to feeling horrible all week and taking too much ibuprofen just to get through the day. I finally tried the alleviate IV a days before my menstrual cycle and I couldn’t believe how much it helped reduce my PMS symptoms and my pain from cramping. I finally felt normal and didn’t lose a week of my life from an intense cycle (also barely took any ibuprofen!). I highly recommend this IV for anyone suffering from PMS or painful periods!” - Kate G.

Ready, Set, GLOW!