Hydrate Bar's In-Store Treats

At Hydrate Bar, safety is our highest priority. Not only for our clients but also our staff. Wearing a mask upon arrival is required. LEEF Organics hand sanitizer is available for your use. We also have a hand washing station where clients and nurses can wash their hands before and after a treatment. Call, text, email, or stop by for more information on our services and products. Drip Menu

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Hydrate Bar Mask (white) - $15

This super soft mask is our favorite. Clean and bright look. Pick one up in our store. Hand wash and lay out to dry.



Boxed Water Lemon - $3

BOXED Water now offers flavored waters. Try our refreshing lemon.

Hydrate Bar Mask (black) - $15

No sign of makeup with a black mask. Come in and grab yours. Hand wash and lay out to dry.

Boxed Water Cucumber - $3

BOXED Water now offers flavored waters. Cool as a cucumber.

LEEF Organics CBD Products

Take your self-care home with you after you drip with us. Click Here to see a list of all the LEEF products we offer in the store.
plain boxed water

Boxed Water Original - $3

Pick up a classic BOXED water before, during, or after your drip.

Visit our store front to see what goodies we have in stock

1414 Orchard Street
Eugene, OR 97403

10:00am - 4:00pm

Tuesday - Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday - Sunday
10:00am - 6:00pm